8 bucket list destinations around the world with unusual names

Not all bucket list destinations are created equal. While some come with interesting attractions, fascinating beaches and so much history, others come with unusual names. Some are so unusual that it is enough to ask – who assigned such names to these places. Some might look downright spooky and weird, but it’s worth noting that many of these destinations don’t feature anything spooky or unusual that reflects the names. Many have only been given names for fun and to boost tourism in the area. Whatever the motives behind the names of these destinations, they remain must-see destinations that one can visit for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

8 Deception Island, New Zealand

Disappointment Island is an uninhabited island that is one of the Seven Islands of Auckland. Apart from being a popular area for unique birds, the name has particularly become popular among travelers around the world due to its tongue-in-cheek nature. Deception Island is mainly visited by scientists, although travelers can also visit some things to know before visiting the island. The island did not just receive its name randomly. A series of events led to it. It all started when the island began to experience shipwrecks that left so many sailors stranded. These sailors would search for food on this island in vain, resulting in the death of so many of them. This constant disappointment eventually led to the unusual naming of this island. The island is also said to be the site of a buried treasure known as Dundonald’s Treasure which has not been discovered to date.


seven Sandballs, Hampshire, England

Whether you consider it inappropriate or hilarious, it doesn’t change the fact that there is a place in English Hampshire known as Sandy Balls. Besides, this destination near the New Forest is anything but inappropriate. It is a scenic destination that offers unique cabins and many interesting facilities that provide visitors with a relaxing and adventurous British vacation.

6 Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

For many, the first thing that comes to mind in a place with such a name is that people get their hands chopped off for lying. But this is far from being the description of this city. Truth or Consequences is actually a nature destination in New Mexico with plenty of hot spring resorts and spas to offer visitors a relaxing vacation and a bit of healing. Besides the many thermal attractions of Truth or Consequences, a visit to this destination is unique and unforgettable. The town, formerly known as “Hot Springs”, was named after a game show also known as “Truth and Consequences”. due to his love for the show.

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5 Scratchy Bottom, Dorset, England

Perhaps Dorset’s dumbest name, Scratchy Bottom is a dry, cliff-top valley in Dorset, England, characterized by endless grasses and landscapes. Although the site is not a place with an abundance of attractions, the landscape and the comic name are worth visiting.

4 Hell, Norway

Norway is a country with so many unique and interesting things and hell is an interesting country worth exploring. This unusually named town in central Norway has a population of around 1,600 people and memes are some of the reasons people love to visit. There is nothing diabolical about this place, although it offers the possibility of making statements that may seem confusing to the listener. Blues in Hell – the annual blues music festival, is perhaps the most popular thing to do in this small town, but there are plenty of other things to do, like taking pictures with the sign signaling and the station.

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3 Unnamed, Colorado, USA

No Name is the name given to a place in Colorado near Glenwood Springs with a population of less than 100 people and an area of ​​114 acres. Just like many parts of Colorado, this small community is blessed with its fair share of hiking trails and mountains offering visitors a moment of adventure. While adventures are some things to note about the community, its name is the most interesting thing for many. Just imagine how such an adventurous place got such a name. Perhaps those involved in the early days of the area weren’t impressed with the area or their experiences there. Although there are many stories surrounding this name, the most popular is that “unnamed” was the name submitted during a questionnaire requesting city details as requested. Even though the name may seem unusual, it is loved by members of the community, which is why attempts to change it over the years have been unsuccessful.

2 Nowhere else, Tasmania, Australia

Australia is one of the most unique destinations in the world. As well as having some of the world’s most dangerous animals and many ancient sites, the country also has places with names that will make visitors stop and think about what they just heard. One of those places is Nowhere Else. This small community with an unusual name is located in Tasmania and has less than 50 inhabitants. Visitors to this part of Tasmania can have a Lake Barrington adventure or embark on a scenic drive through the whole town while snapping photos of the unique route. sign.

1 Middlefart, Denmark

One of the happiest countries in the world also seems to have a great sense of humor. In the middle of Denmark is a place called Middlefart and no matter what one might think of the hilarious name, Middlefart is a great destination in Denmark to visit at least once. Visitors to this destination in Denmark can explore the whole city by walking and admiring the view of the impressive and historic buildings while visiting the attractions on the way.

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