88 of the most interesting educational maps from the “Map Central” Instagram account

Do you remember the days when you used physical maps on road trips? Dad is in the driver’s seat screaming as Mom in the passenger seat frantically searches the map for the exit we need to take and- oh! We have already missed it! Having apps like Google Maps in the palm of our hands has made our lives so much easier (and road trips so much more enjoyable). In a few seconds we can check how many kilometers there are between Texas and Lithuania and Taiwan. Although I wouldn’t recommend doing that travel a road trip.

Thanks to a popular Instagram account, maps on our phones can now tell us much more than distance and directions. Map Central is an Instagram page with over 130,000 followers that “provides a comprehensive perspective of our world” by sharing daily educational maps. These graphs are not just maps; they share facts about country demographics, climate change information, examine demographic changes and trends, compare countries by size and population and much more. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite maps from the page for you to enjoy and hopefully learn some fun facts from. Then, if you’re looking to learn even more after finishing this list, we’ve got the perfect bored panda piece for you to check next here.

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