A List of Getaways for Delhi Birdwatchers

If you ask avid birders, waiting to spot these winged wonders is a delight. And if you want to find a quiet place for your birding adventures, there are many areas around Delhi that provide perfect getaways for a memorable experience.

Corbett National Park

White-fronted bee-eater bird at Corbett National Park Shutterstock

Tigers are undoubtedly the main attraction of Corbett National Park. However, the area is home to a colorful array of less explored wildlife. In fact, there are plenty of birds, including Cinereous Vultures, Pink Minivets, Spot-bellied Eagle Owls, and Lesser Fish Eagles, among many others. Rich in avifauna, Corbett is home to around 600 species of Indian and migratory birds. You can find night birds, water birds, grassland birds and also woodland birds. Beyond bird watching, you can also visit the various other monuments in the national park.

Surajpur Wetland and Natural Forest

Ruff bird flying near river body at Surajpur bird sanctuary
Ruff bird flying near river body at Surajpur bird sanctuary Shutterstock

This option is ideal for bird watchers who are too impatient to spend too much time in the car. It only takes a few hours to reach the wetland and natural forest of Surajpur in Greater Noida. It’s a bird watcher’s paradise in the middle of a concrete jungle. You may spot a crested scaup, greylag goose or gadwall among its recorded avifauna population of 82 waterfowl, 99 woodland birds and 49 grassland birds. Winters also bring a wave of migratory birds. Additionally, you also get the bonus of spotting butterflies and reptiles.

Chambal Gharial National Wildlife Sanctuary

Indian skimmers on the Chambal River
Indian skimmers on the Chambal River Shutterstock

A boat safari along the Chambal River is the best way to get acquainted with its wildlife. The National Chambal Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary, located on the banks of the Chambal River is popular for gharial crocodile and river dolphin, but is also home to over 320 species of resident and migratory birds. A paradise for birdwatchers, visitors can spot birds like the sarus crane, flamingo, brown owl, Indian steed, and darter, among many others


Yellow-breasted Greenfinch in Pangot
Yellow-breasted Greenfinch in Pangot Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a quiet atmosphere, the seven-hour drive to Pangot in Uttarakhand is worth it. The place is left natural except for selected shops and residential structures. In fact, it might impress you to know that many homes were built with extra space left for nests. The earth (more precisely, the air) has 250 species of avifauna. You will be able to see six varieties of parids, better known in the region as tits. You are spoiled for choice with multiple trails to embark on. Oriental doves, different types of woodpeckers, plum-headed parakeets and spotted owls are just a fraction of the variety of birds that will keep you company here.

Pong Dam

Migratory birds seen at Pong Dam Lake, Himachal Pradesh
Migratory birds seen at Pong Dam Lake, Himachal Pradesh Shutterstock

What was once built on the River Beas to generate hydroelectricity has quickly become a bird watcher’s paradise. The Pong Dam in Himachal Pradesh was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1986. Home to more than 220 species of birds, the reservoir gives you unforgettable views of bar-headed geese, black-headed gulls, black-headed gulls and red-necked grebes, among others. Over a million waterfowl are known to migrate to the reservoir during the winter months. The area attracts bird watchers from all over the country and also offers a good range of water sports to take part in. These include kayaking and water skiing.

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