As local elections approach in Nepal, COVID-19 vaccination rate plummets

Nepal’s COVID-19 vaccination cases have declined as the date of local elections approaches, according to local media. On May 13, local elections will be held across the country. Officials from the Ministry of Health and Population have said they want to launch a campaign to distribute Covid reminders, but they fear election-related activities could derail the campaign.

He further reported that with the decline in COVID-19 cases over the past few months, the uptake of the coronavirus vaccine has declined significantly. Lately, more and more people seem reluctant to take Covid booster shots. Additionally, health authorities across the country have currently paused the COVID-19 vaccination campaign to focus on the typhoid vaccination campaign, which started last Friday.

“The new hybrid variants of Covid, which are either a recombination of Delta and Omicron or a new mutation of Omicron, have been characterized as highly infectious while the previous variants have been detected in many countries,” said Dr. Rajeev Shrestha from Dhulikhel Hospital, Shrestha added. , “even though the infection rate of the coronavirus has recently decreased across the country, the risk has not diminished, as new variants could bring a new surge at any time.”

The electoral commission had already asked the health authorities to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to all eligible people before the elections. But the government does not have a detailed record of the vaccinated population, the Kathmandu Post reported. So far, 19,288,340 people, or 66.1% of the total population, have been fully immunized with the COVID vaccine. The Department of Health says 2,312,375 people, less than 8% of the total population, took boosters on Wednesday.

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  • As local elections approach in Nepal, COVID-19 vaccination rate plummets
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