Banning imports of animals not on the approved ‘white list’ will cripple many pet-related businesses

More than 90 million American households have a pet, and Vitakraft Sunseed’s 85 Ohio residents proudly provide quality pet care products, many of which are made at our Weston, IA plant. Ohio, from ingredients sourced from local farmers. But an amendment to pending federal legislation that was intended to increase economic competitiveness and help prevent future pandemics will negatively impact pet owners and businesses that supply pets and pet products. pet care.

Section 71102 of HR 4521, the COMPETES Act, proposes amendments to the Lacey Act that will exclude over 200,000 animal species from a new white list approved for import until revised. This will delay pet imports and impose a costly and time-consuming assessment process that will cripple many businesses nationwide. Many will fail, already facing supply chain disruptions and soaring product costs. The effect will be felt in local economies, hurting farmers, retail stores, etc.

We support COMPETES provisions that advance our economy and the health of the population. But Dry. 71102 is unnecessary and will cause irreparable harm to pet owners and pet businesses. I urge Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman and their peers to remove it from the bill.

Brent Weinman,


Brent Weinmann is CEO of Vitakraft Sunseed.

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