bmc: Bmc Ward Reservations Out, List of Electors Left | Bombay News

Mumbai: Following directives from the State Election Commission (SEC), the BMC on Monday released the final reservation list by ward for the 236 corporal seats. With this, the civic body has completed both the delimitation and reservation processes for each of the seats.
The preparation of the electoral list for each of the corporator districts is now left. There will also be a suggestion and objection process, should an area be excluded from the voters list. “This exercise should be completed by July 7 with the release of the final voters list,” an official said.
Officials are well aware that they may have to redo the process if the Supreme Court allows the BMC elections to proceed with the Other Backward Class (OBC) quota. In this case, the currently reserved Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (SC/ST) seats would not change.
We learn that city officials in each neighborhood have spent the entire past week helping the collector’s office compile empirical data from the OBC. A list with the names of the OBC people was received from the Collector’s Office and the State Election Commission and was reviewed.
“Booth Level Officers (BLOs) in each ward, along with other ward staff, assisted in compiling the OBC voter list. In case of doubt during the screening, the BLOs also visited the homes,” said an official on condition of anonymity.
On May 18, the Supreme Court had allowed Madhya Pradesh to hold local body elections with the OBC quota after being satisfied with the empirical data report of the Backward Classes Commission specifying the population of the OBC in the local bodies that had been submitted by the state government.
Maharashtra is still finalizing the data. He had to continue the electoral process because the supreme court had declared that the elections to local bodies were overdue and could not be postponed for the quota.
Congress has said it plans to approach the High Court over the seat reservation. Ravi Raja, former leader of the opposition, said the methodology for reserving seats was flawed.
“Instead of randomly drawing all seats, the BMC, which carries out instructions from the SEC, chose to follow a methodology of reserving seats that were not reserved for the last three elections,” Raja said.
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