Data history: India registers 117,100 cases; the positivity rate rises to 7.7%

India reported a net increase of 85,962 active coronavirus cases on Friday to bring its tally to 371,363. India’s share of active coronavirus cases worldwide now stands at 0.98% (a out of 109). The country is fourteenth among the countries most affected by active cases. On Thursday, it added 117,100 cases to bring its total number of cases to 35,226,386 from 35,109,286, an increase of 0.33%. And, with 302 new deaths, its death toll from Covid-19 reached 483,178, or 1.37% of total confirmed infections.

With 9,447,056 additional doses of the Covid-19 vaccine administered on Thursday, the total number of vaccines in India has so far reached 1,496,681,156. The number of recovered cases of coronavirus across India, meanwhile, has increased. reached 34,371,845 – or 97.57% of the total number of cases – with 30,836 new cured cases reported on Friday.

Now the fourteenth country most affected by active cases, third by deaths, second by total number of cases and recoveries, India has added 387,582 cases in the past 7 days.

India now accounts for 0.98% of all active cases worldwide (one in 109 active cases) and 8.82% of all deaths (one in 11 deaths).

India has so far administered 1,496,681,156 doses of the vaccine. This represents 4,248.75% of its total workload and 106.99% of its population.

From here, the last million cases for India arrived in 72 days.

The number of active cases across India on Friday saw a net increase of 85,962, from 71,397 on Thursday. The states and TUs experienced the largest daily net increase in active cases are Maharashtra (27345), Delhi (8191), West Bengal (8059), Tamil Nadu (6251) and Karnataka (4759).

With 30,836 new daily recoveries, India’s recovery rate stands at 97.57%, while the fatality rate remained unchanged at 1.37%.

The Indian states and TUs with the worst death rates today are Punjab (2.73%), Nagaland (2.18%) and Uttarakhand (2.14%). The rate in as many as 14 is above the national average.

New daily closed cases in India stand at 31,138 – 302 deaths and 30,836 recoveries. The share of deaths in the total number of closed cases amounts to 0.96%.

India’s 5-day moving average of the daily rate of addition to the total number of cases is 0.2%.

India’s doubling time for the total number of cases is 208.2 days and for deaths is 1,108.6 days.

Overall, five states with the largest 24-hour jump in the total number of cases are Maharashtra (36,265), West Bengal (15,421), Delhi (15,097), Tamil Nadu (6,983) and Kerala ( 5031).

India carried out 1,513,377 coronavirus tests on Thursday to bring the total number of tests carried out so far in the country to 686,819,128. The positivity rate of the recorded test was 7.7%.

The five states most affected by the total number of cases are Maharashtra (6,793,297), Kerala (5,268,064), Karnataka (3,022,603), Tamil Nadu (2,767,432) and Andhra Pradesh (2,078,923).

Maharashtra, the worst-affected state overall, reported 36,265 new cases to bring its tally to 6,793,297.

Kerala, the second most affected state by the total tally, added 4,649 cases to bring its tally to 5,268,064.

Karnataka, the third worst-affected state, reported 5,031 cases to bring its tally to 3,022,603.

Tamil Nadu added 6,983 cases to bring its tally to 2,767,432.

Andhra Pradesh saw its number increase from 547 to 2,078,923.

Uttar Pradesh added 3,114 cases to bring its tally to 1,719,246.

West Bengal added 15,421 cases to bring its tally to 1,693,744.

Delhi added 15,097 cases to bring its tally to 1,489,463.

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