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DeKALB – DeKalb County health officials reported 21 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Friday as the positivity rate fell below 2%.

The rate of new vaccinations also slowed in DeKalb County, with fewer than 20 new residents reported as fully vaccinated on Friday. Over the past week, DeKalb County has averaged about 28 new residents who have been fully immunized per day, according to state data. A week earlier, the daily vaccination rate was around 26 residents per day. From February 18 to February 25, an average of 81 residents per day were fully vaccinated. On Friday, another 17 DeKalb County residents were fully vaccinated.

New virus cases reported bring total to 23,104, according to state data. Case data does not include positive cases identified through home virus testing and may not include test results pending reporting by pending labs.

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, 17 more booster shots have been administered in the county.

Hospitalizations and positivity rates

On Friday, there were 27 of the 137 intensive care unit beds available in Region 1, according to state data.

the seven-day rolling positivity rate for the region, which extends north to Rockford and west to the Iowa border, is 2.1%. DeKalb County’s positivity rate is 1.9%. Positivity rates are reported with a three-day data lag. Region 1 also reported a seven-day average of 45 hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

According to the IDPHA total of 146,416 vaccine doses were administered to DeKalb County residents and 58,103 residents — 58% of the county’s population of 100,420, according to 2020 US Census Bureau data — have been fully vaccinated. As of Friday, 29,124 booster shots had been administered to county residents. The rolling seven-day average of doses administered to county residents is 46.

The IDPH reported that 3,045,718 Illinoisans have tested positive for COVID-19, while 33,075 have died statewide. The department said at least 55,731,994 tests have been administered so far. This does not include self-tests administered at home.

Vaccination by postal code

Updated vaccination data by zip code shows the percentages of residents of DeKalb County zip codes who have been fully vaccinated as of March 11. These data are provisional and will be updated every Wednesday, according to IDPHand uses 2018 federal population data.

From March 11:

• 60111 (includes Clare) Postcode, 98.67% of the population is fully immunized (100% of residents have received at least one dose).

• 60112 (Cortland) ZIP Code, 63.29% is fully vaccinated.

• 60115 (DeKalb) ZIP Code, 50.47% fully vaccinated.

• 60135 (Genoa), 62.25% is completely vaccinated.

• 60145 (Kingston), 49.49% is fully vaccinated.

• 60146 (Kirkland, Fairdale), 46.05% fully vaccinated.

• 60150 (Malta), 53.37% are fully vaccinated.

• 60151 (Maple Park), 57.5% fully vaccinated.

• 60178 (Sycamore), 66.22% is completely vaccinated.

• 60520 (Hinckley), 55.3% are fully immunized.

• 60548 (Sandwich), 54.75% is completely vaccinated.

• 60550 (Shabbona), 49.04% is completely vaccinated.

• 60552 (Somonauk), 52.42% is completely vaccinated.

• 60556 (Waterman), 52.83% is fully vaccinated.

Congregate care settings

Eight congregate care facilities have reported outbreaks in the past 30 days, according to the DeKalb County Health Department. Immunization data from some facilities is not publicly available.

As of March 11:

• The Oak Crest DeKalb Area Retreat Center in DeKalb has reported 64 cases: 53 staff and 11 residents. According to IDPH, 98.43% of Oak Crest employees are fully immunized, along with 100% of residents.

• Prairie Crossing Supportive Living reported 12 cases: five staff and seven residents.

• The DeKalb County Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in DeKalb has reported 53 cases: 49 staff and four residents, and two deaths. 79.72% of its employees and 91.74% of residents are fully immunized at the facility.

• Sandwich Health Care and Rehabilitation Center reported 12 cases: 10 staff and two residents. According to IDPH, 78% of its staff and 98.48% of its residents are fully vaccinated as of February 25.

• Aperion Care at DeKalb reported 44 cases: 26 staff, 18 residents and one death.

The state considers an installation in epidemic mode if new virus activity is apparently linked to the installation within 30 days. If the facility goes 30 days without reporting new activity, it will be removed from the health department’s outbreak website, health officials said.

The state does not update long-term care facility numbers if a person has fully recovered. The numbers remain listed in total for the duration of the outbreak.

Cases, deaths in DeKalb County

The following is a breakdown of COVID-19 cases and deaths, according to the DeKalb County Health Department, updated Friday. Reported cases may not indicate the number of actual cases in the county, as local and state data does not include cases identified by home testing, which are not reported to labs.

As of March 11, there were 5,705 cases among residents aged 19 or younger, 4,986 in their 20s, 3,544 in their 30s, 2,935 in their 40s, 2,662 in their 50s, 1,735 in their 60s, 863 in their 60s and 673 in their 60s. their 80s or older.

Of the 193 total deaths reported in DeKalb County by local health officials as of March 4: 100 were in residents 80 or older, 30 were in their 70s, 34 in their 60s, 18 in their 50s, six in their 40s, three in their 30s, one in their 20s and a baby.

Neither national nor local data specify the number of cases linked to variants of COVID-19.

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