Dispute: Have warrants reduced Washington’s COVID death rate? | Washington

(The Center Square) – The Washington State Department of Health released a recent report on the next phase of COVID. The report celebrated the Evergreen State’s response to the global pandemic so far, but not everyone agrees that Washington’s lockdown and vaccine-mandated approach has made a big difference. .

The report, titled “ForWArd: The next phase of WA’s COVID-19 Response (through 2022)”, notes that Washington has the fourth lowest cumulative death rate per 100,000 people since the start of the pandemic, based on Numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and takes a kind of victory lap for state policies.

“We have all come together to support each other during difficult times, following guidance for masking, social distancing and promising a brighter future through vaccinations,” the report said. “The incredible work done by public health, the health system, community partners and the people of Washington has led to our state having one of the lowest cumulative case and death rates and the highest vaccination rates. raised in the country.”

After sifting through the data in the report, Jason Mercier, director of the Center for Government Reform at the Washington Policy Center (WPC), remains skeptical.

He wrote on WPC Olympia watch Twitter page that he compared the 10 states listed in Thursday’s report with the lowest COVID-19 death rates to mask and vaccine mandates in those states, as well as political governance.

“There doesn’t appear to be a correlation between the top 10 states for fewest COVID deaths and the types or extent of warrants imposed,” he concluded in another tweet.

Mercier went on to say, “Perhaps there is something more at work than the Governor’s belief that only he can save lives with government-imposed warrants. See also John Hopkins study on COVID lockdowns and deaths.

In a September 29 maintenance with Mike McClanahan on TWW’s “The Impact” discussing warrants and the use of emergency powers, Gov. Jay Inslee said, “There is only one person in Washington State who has the ability to save those lives right now, and that happens to be the Governor of Washington State.

A study from Johns Hopkins University earlier this year concluded that lockdowns had little or no effect on COVID-19 mortality.

Mercier explained his point of view in an explosive e-mail:

Fewer COVID deaths per 100,000 population
1. Vermont
2. Hawaii
Tie 5. Maine
Tie 5. Washington
7. Oregon
8.New Hampshire
9. Colorado
10. Nebraska

State mask mandates
1. Vermont – Expired June 15, 2021
2. Hawaii – Effective until March 25, 2022
3. Utah – Expired April 10, 2021
4. Alaska – Never Taxed
Tie 5. Maine – Expired May 24, 2021
Tie 5. Washington – Expired March 12, 2022
7. Oregon – Expired March 12, 2022
8. New Hampshire – Expired April 16, 2021
9. Colorado – Expired May 14, 2021
10. Nebraska – Never Taxed

Vaccination mandates for government employees
1. Vermont – Testing Alternative
2. Hawaii – Test Alternative
3. Utah – No
4. Alaska – No
Tie 5. Maine – No
Tie 5. Washington – Yes, in progress
7. Oregon – Yes, expires April 1, 2022
8. New Hampshire – No
9. Colorado – Test Alternative
10. Nebraska – No

Governor’s political party
1. Vermont – Republican
2. Hawaii – Democratic
3. Utah – Republican
4. Alaska – Republican
Tie 5. Maine – Democratic
Tie 5. Washington – Democratic
7. Oregon – Democratic
8. New Hampshire – Republican
9. Colorado – Democratic
10. Nebraska – Republican

Mike Faulk, the governor’s press secretary, was unimpressed.

“You should call me because I don’t see the point of responding to tweets that make claims and actually provide no analysis,” he said in an email responding to a request for comment. The Center Square on the Mercier Outlet. “Maybe you can convince me that there’s new value to this and that it’s not just the same political volleyball. The ‘Johns Hopkins study’ he refers to was It’s a “working paper” that hasn’t been peer-reviewed, and it’s the subject of much criticism from real epidemiologists and public health experts.

In his email, Faulk included a link to a MedPage Today article highly critical of the Johns Hopkins study, saying it “has serious flaws and is misinterpreted,” experts say.

“There are real public health experts who can tell you the truth,” Faulk concluded.

Mercier gave ground to the governor’s office regarding the Johns Hopkins report.

“Apparently those findings are disputed,” he said in an email to The Center Square that included a link to a USA Today. room checking the facts of the study.

He added, “The original analysis on the top 10 states highlighted by the DOH remains, however. Very different approaches from these states over the past year to similar results.”

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