February sees positivity rate drop to 3% in city: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Naina Mishra

Chandigarh, February 28

February saw a 90% drop in Covid-19 cases from January, marking the end of the third wave. The positive rate also fell to 3.3% from 17% in January.

Monthly cases in December were even lower as the month recorded only 333 cases. The last week of December marked the start of the third wave of Covid in the city. The positivity rate in November was just 0.3% and no Covid deaths were recorded in the city.

On Monday, one-day cases dropped to single digits with just eight cases. One in six people sampled in January had tested positive for the virus. Even though cases were on the rise during the third wave, deaths had been proportionally lower.

In February, 43 deaths were reported, while a similar number of deaths were recorded last month. The majority of patients were admitted to hospitals in the city due to their comorbidities and this time had no major Covid-related lung damage.

All health services that had previously been suspended were restored in February as cases began to decline. Schools for all grades have been reopened in the city and war room meetings have been suspended due to the further drop in cases. The city’s vaccination status was also satisfactory, with UT vaccinating 100% of the target population with both doses and 80% of adolescents with Covaxin.

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