Get on, get off, get in: Auckland’s rapid transit KFC card

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Auckland’s rapid population growth and outward expansion has caused the Super City a host of problems as its residents grapple with the changing needs of our largest metropolis.

Debate has raged over whether funding should go to roads or rapid transit and how to marry the desperate need for more intensive housing with a desire to retain some of the city’s Victorian character.

But, until now, Aucklanders have sadly lacked a key piece of information needed to shape decision-making about their city’s future.

How far is the nearest KFC?

Or, more specifically, how far is the local KFC branch from the nearest rapid transit hub?

Because what could be more inviting than getting off a bus or a train to grab a puff of fried chicken on the breeze?

Software engineer Jono Cooper has now created a Kentucky Fried Map to answer the question of how well Aucklanders are served for easy access to guilty pleasure.

The map, based on the iconic London Underground map, claims to show all Auckland rapid transit stations that are within a 10-minute walk of a KFC outlet.

This includes stops on the Auckland rail network and bus stations on the Northern Busway.

The map highlights some known issues with Auckland’s public transport, including the lack of options for those north of the bridge, with only two eligible bus stations (including the highly questionable inclusion of Akoranga station which is surely only a 10 minute walk from Takapuna KFC in the most extreme circumstances).


Socio-economic issues were also highlighted by one user who wrote: “Interesting to see a geographic split here – it seems there are more stations near KFCs in the south than in the north and West Auckland.”

“Yeah, you’re (unfortunately?) absolutely right,” Cooper replied.

“South Auckland generally has a lower socio-economic population, so you see a lot more fast food chains in the area in general.”

The map shows that, as expected, the CBD is well seasoned for KFC but there are dark areas where passengers would struggle to find an outlet when they reach their stop.

The Onehunga line, for example, does not offer any KFC options after its separation from the main line.

Auckland, there is a lot of work to do.

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