Halo players are missing the Halo 3 population map

Following the multiplayer launch of Halo Infinite, some players want the inclusion of a population map in order to track the number of players online.

halo 3 population map

Since the release of the multiplayer beta for Infinite halo, many players liked what they saw so far. With a plethora of new cards and weapons, as well as dynamic abilities that players can pick up, Infinite halo certainly has a lot to offer its players. However, for how much Infinite halo reminiscent of previous iterations of the franchise, there are certain features from previous games that fans want to see return.

Halo is a series, admittedly, quite old. With Halo: combat has evolved Originally released in 2001, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the two Halo and Xbox as a brand. Each additional payment Halo series built on the basis that Advanced fights unexpectedly established. However, there are a few minute details presented in the old ones. Halo entries to which a number of fans have become attached.


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A Reddit user named -Six- introduced the famous population map that featured in Halo 3. Upon entering online multiplayer, the game would present the player with a world map that showed bright lights in each country that indicated where in the world players were online. According to the user, along with numerous follow-up comments, this provided the gaming community with an underlying sense of connection in the form of visual representation.

It’s little features like this that could potentially be included in Infinite halo. The community of Halo fans is quite loyal, given that there are players who have been part of the series since the launch of Halo: combat has evolved. So having a way to visually show players the true size of the community offers potentially an additional way to show just how big the community is. Halo is for so many people. Especially considering that Microsoft has included a Halo section in the Xbox Museum online.

Either way, it’s amazing how much of an impact previous games still have on Halo fans today. The fact that so many players remember something as simple as a population map shows just how Halo is his fans. The amount of in-line traction that Halo: The Master Chief Collection currently will show how much the influence of the classic Halo games have managed to maintain.

It will be interesting to see what the final version of Infinite halo Looks like. There have been rumors around it Infinite halo can have multiple campaigns. While these rumors currently remain unfounded, it would make sense to have multiple campaigns, given previous claims by Infinite halo for a whole decade.

Infinite halo releases December 8 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. The Multiplayer Beta is available now.

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