How Nigeria can quickly reduce its unemployment rate – Pat Utomi

Professor Pat Utomi, Founder/CEO of the Center for Values ​​in Leadership said Nigeria must focus on its young educated unemployed population to double its GDP in 5 years.

Utomi revealed this while he was a guest of Sunday Policyan interview show on Channels TV hosted by Seun Okinbaloye.

The former presidential candidate has hinted that he will be part of a political coalition for Nigeria’s presidency in 2023, with the aim of doubling Nigeria’s GDP.

What Utomi says

He said he once told someone that within a week of his presidency he would put an order that would put all unemployed graduates of universities and polytechnics into work with N100.00 insured.

When asked where the money would come from, he hinted that the world is looking to Africa to help save the planet by greening its forest and stopping the Sahara. He said Nigeria can make the world pay by telling graduates they are part of a green army that would save the planet.

“Just to prevent desertification and the advance of the Sahara, and provide trees to meet the carbon challenges of our world, we can have enough”, he stated.

He also said that if Nigeria reduced the cost of governance, it would be enough to fund employment-related reforms.

“What are they (the politicians) doing? Why does the National Assembly cost us more money than education, and this is where we will catch up?” He asked.

“When President Olusegun Obasanjo was president, the National Assembly did not cost us as much as it costs us today. It’s much worse now. We need fewer legislators. We have to pay them differently.

“PPolitics is a service, not a profession. It is something for people to take part of their time to be of service”, he said.

  • He said he is part of a political coalition that will announce his representation for the 2023 presidential elections with the aim of doubling Nigeria’s GDP in 5 years.
  • He also added that as a member of the APC in 2015, he knew a few weeks after the election that the party was going nowhere, as it was just a collective of men who wanted the power, not leadership.
  • He said, “It was clear that the science of it all was power, not service, we threw out a bunch of people who didn’t have shared values ​​and we had a culture breakdown, and because of that breakdown, it there is no progress.
  • Utomi said it was possible for Nigeria to double its GDP and employ millions of its educated workforce in a short time.
  • “If we don’t have a plan to double GDP in 5 years, we have to pull out. The population we fear can become the source of our demographic divide,” Utomi said. “China and India have shown that if you invest in a young population, it can be the rocket to propel your economy. In Nigeria we are killing the education system, they can’t even sit with ASUU.

He also said that if Nigeria’s economy grows, Nigeria will reverse the flow of brain drain, especially in its health sector.

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