imphal: acceleration of work to bring Imphal on the rail map | India News

IMPHAL: The capital of Manipur will be connected by rail in the next two years, bringing the country’s rail network to barely 100 km from the Burmese border. This will become a new lifeline for Imphal, which now depends mainly on the road network to stock up on essential supplies.
Although the crucial new 111 km line project from Jiribam (Assam border) to Imphal has been delayed for several reasons, the northeast border railway has now accelerated the job to complete it within the revised deadline.
This link is crucial as nearly 70% of Manipur’s population live in Imphal and at a later stage this railway line could be extended to the Myanmar border for the Trans-Asian Railway Line project.
The wide gauge railway line project is part of the government’s decision to connect all the capitals of the northeastern states by rail with the rest of the country. The Jiribam-Imphal rail link will also help reduce travel time, as it currently takes 11 to 12 hours to complete the 200 to 225 km trip between these two points. Once rail operations start, trains will cover this section in just two and a half hours.
Besides the economic and social benefits associated with this project, it will be an engineering marvel for the railways. The railway line project will consist of 46 tunnels, including a 12 km single tube tunnel which will be the second longest in the Indian rail network. It will have 153 bridges. One of the bridges, the Noney Bridge, which is under construction, is expected to become the tallest pillar railway bridge in the world, as two of the seven pillars will measure 141 meters each. The other jetties vary between 50 meters and 90 meters. Currently, the Mala-Rijeka viaduct on the Belgrade-Bar railway line in Europe is the tallest where the height of the pillars is 139 meters.
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