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LEICESTER has been named as one of the first five cities on the planet to bring Indian cuisine to its people – outside of India.

In fact, the city took second place in the new study by Remitly, which studies global cuisine outside of its home country.

The data confirms that Leicester has one of the highest numbers of Indian restaurants per capita – with 234 Indian restaurants serving its population of 472,897.

This means that there are on average 0.49 Indian restaurants per 1,000 inhabitants in the city, according to statistics available on Remitly.com.

However, with Leicester placed second on the list, it may come as a surprise to learn that the top spot is actually held by the Spanish city of Valencia, which serves the most Indian restaurants per capita.

A total of 425 restaurants serve Indian cuisine to the city’s 800,215 residents.

Other cities that make up the top five are Newcastle with 119 restaurants serving its 290,688 population, the Belgian city of Brussels with 70 for its 186,916 population and Dubai in the UAE with 988 for its 2.9 million population.

The number of restaurants listed for each city was taken from TripAdvisor, with local restaurants subtracted from the total, then divided by the city’s population using https://www.citypopulation.de/ and multiplied by 100 for determine the ?number?of international restaurants?available?per 1,000 people.

“With food evoking such strong emotions, we wanted to see which cities really offer the culinary variety that our nomadic species crave,” said Jago McKenzie, Remitly UK regional manager.

“It’s great to see such variety in our study with cities from Europe, Asia and North America featuring at the top of the list.”

Remitly is a company that helps millions of immigrants around the world who leave their families to live and work in another country.

To see the stats for yourself, visit: https://www.remitly.com/gb/en/landing/which-city-has-best-restaurant-variety

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