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Internal Security plans to resolve the issues with the border wall gates as part of the border clean-up projects. In a cove near Douglas, metal gates were ripped off their hinges by water and debris that came through the summer monsoons earlier this year.

Danyelle Khmara / Arizona Daily Star

Opinion piece far from the grassroots

Re: January 3 article “United States would be happier with more people”.

Tyler Cowen’s editorial is about the philosophy of cancer and is 180 degrees from the truth. More and more people are consuming finite resources, including fossil fuels. This worsens the climate change that we have all seen so destroyed with an intensification of disasters: forest fires, hurricanes, floods, droughts, famines in the world, etc. We need fewer people. Fortunately, there are signs that we here in the United States are reproducing at a slower rate, but not yet low enough to reduce the human population to Earth’s carrying capacity around the world. Cowan is doing us a terrible disservice by pushing more people out. He is completely wrong.

The bias of the star shines

I picked up an overpriced copy of the Sunday Daily Star from a newspaper rack and quickly remembered why I am no longer subscribing. As for the editorials, I found the cartoon to be predictable and tired of Fitzsimmons. Then there was the bestselling article on Republicans by an LA Times writer and two letters from readers lamenting the Republican Party. Nowhere in this edition was a report, opinion piece, or letter about the continuing disaster of the Biden administration. Moving on to the first page was Steller’s opinion column. Yes, it was labeled as such in fine print, but its placement on the front page implied that it was a topical article. It was not.

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