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The Cumberland County Regional Planning Commission is waiting to recommend the 2022 Cumberland County Road List following two requests to remove roads.

The panel will hold public hearings for both requests when it meets on December 16. He hopes to have a recommendation on the annual list of roads to the Cumberland County commission’s environmental committee in time for the list to be on the January commission’s agenda.

“That way we can get it all out at once instead of asking the county commission to approve the road list in January, then coming back in February or March to change the road list one or maybe twice, ”said Tommy Lee, with Upper Cumberland. Development District and County Planning Officer at the November 18 meeting.

The county must approve a road list each year, which details all of the roads the county is allowed to maintain with taxpayer dollars. The list currently only has two changes from the previous year, removing the Tanner Trail, which was closed by the county commission in July, and changing the Wilson Road right-of-way. from 40 feet to 30 feet.

The two roads are Clifford Selby Rd. Off Brewer Road. and Willis Houston Road. off East Valley Road. approximately 1/2 mile from existing home on property.

Lee said owner Carolyn Golden owns property surrounding the entirety of Clifford Selby Rd.

“Basically the county is keeping its lane, which we don’t like to do,” Lee said.

On Willis Houston Rd., The owner wants to close the road at the line of his property. Public roads cannot be closed and the installation of a barrier will require the construction of a cul-de-sac so that people can turn around in front of the barrier, at the owner’s expense.

Property owner Christopher Patton wrote: “The road is basically a driveway with a house at the end of a cul-de-sac.

Patton owns property on both sides for just over half the length of the road. Another owner owns a property on Willis Houston Rd., Although the closure does not affect access to that property.

There are two structures on the property, but only one has been occupied recently, roads supervisor Scott Blaylock told the committee.

The town planning commission has agreed to hear demands for road closures and hold public hearings in December on the proposed road closures before taking action on the road list.

The committee also said it would consider a request to divide a parcel of Matthews Road. in eastern Cumberland County, pending the submission of a platform and the securing of a new well to service one of the existing homes on the lot. Approval is pending survey, rig submission and installation of a new well.

“I would hate to see you spending money on a survey with a small chance of getting it approved. But even if they say you can present that, that doesn’t guarantee approval, ”Lee told Homeowner Bradford Bemis.

Bemis had owned the property in partnership with another owner who had decided to return to New England. The lot includes a double width mobile home and a single width mobile home served by an existing private well.

Matthews Road is a private road that is not on the County Road List. It culminates on the 2.97 acre lot. Bemis wants to divide the property in order to be able to sell the double width mobile home.

County subdivision regulations do not allow lots to be divided on a private road to serve more than one lot under most circumstances, but Lee said that with two houses already on the property, that would not increase the population density on the road.

“Matthews Rd., An unmaintained county road, serves 10 properties,” Lee said. “If this were to be considered, it would require a plaque note and deed that no other residential structure can be built on either property.”

Bemis is expected to install a second well to serve one of the houses. The division of the property would require a second exemption concerning the size of the lot. Current regulations provide for 2 acres of land when the property does not have access to a public water source. A minimum of one acre would be required, Lee said.

“You need more land in case this well fails,” Lee explained.

Kyle Davis, 2nd District Commissioner, said he believes the panel should consider the request after all the information has been submitted.

“We owe it to him to review it,” Davis said.

8th District Commissioner Deborah Holbrook said she was not opposed to the review of the property division.

Lee told Bemis to hire a surveyor and ask him to contact him, although he noted that surveyors and well drillers are booking clients for several months now.

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