List of unvaccinated teachers and non-teaching staff published by Kerala Department of Education

Thiruvananthapuram, December 5 (UNI) The Kerala Department of Education has released a list of teaching and non-teaching staff who have not been vaccinated against COVID for religious reasons in the state.

A total of 1,707 teaching and non-teaching staff have not been vaccinated, General Education Minister V Sivankutty said on Saturday after a list was released by the Education Ministry.

“The list includes 1495 teachers and 212 non-teachers. In LP and UP schools, 1066 teachers and 212 non-teachers have not been vaccinated. In high schools, 1066 teachers and 189 non-teachers have not been vaccinated. been vaccinated, ”said Sivankutty said.

“In upper secondary, 200 teachers and 23 non-teaching staff and in upper vocational secondary, 229 teachers have not been vaccinated,” said the Minister.

The RTPCR certificate has been made mandatory every week for teachers, non-teachers and other office staff who have not been vaccinated, he said.

With the Omicron strain causing panic around the world, several teachers are reluctant to be vaccinated against COVID for religious reasons.

Earlier, the minister said failure to vaccinate teachers poses a health risk to 47 lakh students and the population of the state, which has more than 1.60 lakh of teachers and 20,000 staff. non-teaching.

“It has been noticed that some teachers come to schools without taking the COVID vaccine. It cannot be justified and supported, ”he said.

When a large number of people cooperate in the vaccination campaign, this kind of reluctance of part of the teachers and non-teaching staff for religious reasons will not be justified, he added.

The state government will take all possible measures and precautionary measures against the spread of various variants of COVID, Sivankutty said.

Earlier, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said. those who do not cooperate with COVID prevention measures will not receive free treatment.

Mr Vijayan tweeted: ‘No more free treatment for those who do not cooperate with Covid prevention measures. Unvaccinated teachers and staff who work in offices or interact with the public, will be required to submit weekly RTPCR test results, paid for by themselves, to ensure everyone’s safety. “

The Chief Minister’s response was followed by various media reports that several thousand people, including teachers, are reluctant to be vaccinated against COVID for religious reasons.

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