Luxembourg passports slide down the easy travel list

Travelers at Luxembourg airport

Photo credit: John Schmit

Luxembourg’s passport has slipped in the ranking of countries that give its nationals visa-free access to more countries, according to a ranking released Thursday.

Luxembourg offers the fourth most powerful passport in the world, allowing nationals to travel to 189 countries without the need for a visa, according to the Henley Passport Index.

A passport from the Grand Duchy has featured in the world’s top four every year since 2017 and has never dropped below sixth place since the list was first compiled in 2006. Last year, it ranked third.

Japan reached the top spot by allowing 193 visa-free destinations. It was followed by Singapore and South Korea in second place, then Germany and Spain in third place.

The Henley Passport Index lists countries according to data provided by the International Air Transport Authority (IATA) and bases its ranking “on the number of destinations which their holders can access without a prior visa”.

Luxembourg has recognized dual nationality for more than a decade, under a law that came into force in January 2009. Anyone wishing to become a Luxembourgish citizen must take a Luxembourgish language test, the Sprochentest, which includes an oral and oral exam. A score of at least 50% on the speaking test is required to pass, although the result of the listening test may be offset by this.

Non-Luxembourgers make up around half of the Grand Duchy’s population and around 70% of the capital’s residents, with the latest figures showing that the strong population growth and employment growth in Luxembourg is driven by foreigners, including understood by non-European migration.

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