Man kidnapped aged 4 reunites with mother after drawing map of home village 33 years later

A man who was kidnapped at the age of four was reunited with his mother 33 years later after drawing from memory a map of his childhood village. Watch the heartwarming images below:

Li Jingwei is now 37 and was sold to a child trafficking ring when she was only four, as the Chinese newspaper reported. The paper.

As the moving clip shows, her family, understandably, burst into tears at the sight of what they believed to be their long lost relative.

Her mother reportedly said, “I finally found my little baby.”

Li’s adoptive parents and DNA services were unable to help him, so he managed to share a video of the map drawn by himself on the Douyin social site on Christmas Eve.

Incredibly, his sketch turned out to be very detailed with references to specific buildings in the area.

Credit: Weibo

Li also noted how the locals used large wooden buckets to cook rice.

Police were then able to match the map with an area near Zhaotong City in southwest China’s Yunnan Province.

“I am a child who finds his home. I was taken to Henan by a bald neighbor around 1989, when I was about four years old,” he told the camera.

The 37-year-old underwent DNA tests and reconnected with his mother on Saturday.

Credit: Weibo
Credit: Weibo

Unfortunately, his deceased father was unable to meet his son.

Reports suggest Li was sold to a family who lived more than 1,100 miles from his original home.

Incredibly, when her mother moved out, she was living just 100 kilometers from her son, unknowingly.

The 37-year-old says his adoptive family taught him “the principles of being human so that he can study hard and become a talent in the future.”

Li is now married with children.

It is not yet clear whether any investigations are underway into the case.

According to a to study, human trafficking affects around 236 million people in China.

This represents about 17% of China’s 1.39 billion population.

Considering the fact that China has the largest population of any country in the world, the problem remains significant.

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