MW2 devs accused of annoying hearing-impaired players with minimap fiasco

Following an argy-bargy between modern warfare 2 players and its team of developers at Infinity Ward, it seems that the hearing impaired have drawn the short straw and been left behind by their gaming experience.

All of this stems from a variety of changes that the modern warfare 2 beta has brought, giving players a taste of how Infinity Ward is looking at the game.

After a week of beta action, Infinity Ward has received a deluge of backlash over the minimap changes, and while that might just be a small detail compared to the whole MW2 experience, the domino effect has now hampered deaf (or partially deaf) actors in the community.

Infinity Ward doubles down on minimap changes

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The minimap fiasco is raging for the third time in three years. After 15 years of non-silenced weapons appearing on the minimap while firing, Infinity Ward removed this feature to prevent Campers (or “Sentinels” as IW calls them) from being “hunted”.

Despite more resistance from the massive gaming population, the developers took to a blog to say they weren’t going back on their decision and that players should seek opponents through other means. So if you can’t see, taste, touch or smell them – unless Captain Price is a very sweaty man – Call of Duty players will have to rely on their ears.

Infinity Ward accused of disturbing the hearing impaired

After removing the in-game sight element, at least for the ever-important minimap, players have to use their ears instead.

However, for people who cannot hear or hear well, this change completely affects their Call of Duty experience and will lead to their loss in a modern warfare 2 Game.

Insider CDL Cory”CroneDavis joked that “IW are deaf themselves, so it’s odd that they forgot hearing-impaired players”, given that the devs often ignore feedback.

It may be a last ditch attempt for the wider community to get what they want, but the accusations against Infinity Ward are valid. Despite this, the developers haven’t made any effort to solve the eye-damaging flash issue by offering a dark flash option either, like Counter-Strikedespite calls to do so.

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