New neighborhood map on February 1; NMC polls likely in April | Nagpur News

Nagpur: It is now official that the 2022 Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) elections will not be held in February as usual, and will most likely be held in the last week of April. The State Election Commission (SEC) announced the schedule for ward delineation under the new system of three corporators in each ward, which will begin Feb. 1 and end March 2.
City Commissioner Radhakrishnan B on Sunday received a letter dated Jan. 28 from the SEC for the release of draft boundaries of 52 new wards along with the areas within them, total population, caste population Scheduled (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), etc. on February 1. Individuals will have 14 days to register their suggestions and objections to the project, which will be followed by a hearing, project finalization, and submission to the SEC.
According to the timetable given by the SEC, the officer responsible for finalizing the project must submit it to the SEC on March 2.
In accordance with the normal calendar, the code of conduct for municipal elections came into effect the second week of January and the elections took place the third week of February. The mayor must be elected no later than March 4.
According to the SEC’s schedule, it will likely take another week for the SEC to approve the project, followed by a lottery system to reserve 50% of the seats for women. There will be no lottery system for SC and ST seat reservations as the SEC has already provided a ranking in the last letter sent to the civic leader.
The NMC shall divide the electoral roll provided by the district administration into new wards. Then a minimum of 30 days will likely be required for the code of conduct. Thus, the elections will probably take place the last week of April or later.
Thus, 156 corporators of the current regime will obtain a full term of five years due to the delay in the elections. Usually corporators are two months younger. In accordance with the standards, the administrator will be appointed to lead NMC from March 5 until the election of the next mayor.
The SEC letter clarified that there will be no OBC reserves in the municipal elections under the current situation. “It will likely take some time to receive recommendations from the OBC Commission and necessary steps related to OBC booking. It is necessary to complete neighborhood delineation on a temporary basis,” the SEC said.
The SEC assigned responsibility for conducting the entire exercise to the City Manager.
For the 2017 elections, the ward demarcation process began in August and was completed on November 25. At this time, the system of four corporators in one district was implemented. This time it will be delayed for four months.
The SEC had ordered NMC to start the process from August 27, 2021. At that time, the single-member district system prevailed. The government revised the multi-member system and finalized three corporations for each ward. Later, the government increased the number of corporations from 151 to 156.
NMC sources told TOI, “SEC has made some minor changes to the draft prepared and submitted by NMC. Changes were made in five of the 52 wards.


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