New Texarkana School Board zone map would reduce reps to five zones, with two general points

TEXARKANA — The Texarkana School Board has approved a resolution that marks a step forward in the process of reorganizing the areas of the board.

The board adopted a new zonal map Monday that would divide the Texarkana School District’s elected governing body into five zones, with two at-large positions, beginning with the 2022 school board election. The board is moving away from its current division of six zones, with one general administrator, as required by Arkansas law.

Arkansas code 6-13-631 requires that after the release of the 2020 federal ten-year numbers, a school district with a population of 10% or more minority groups must divide the district into zones of five single zones, seven single zones or five zones with two general administrator positions.

The board voted on January 24 to pass a resolution changing the map to five zones, with two general positions. The council and district worked with EFS Geo Technologies to draw the new map based on the council’s revised area count and the latest census information.

The resolution will now need to be approved by the Miller County Elections Committee. After this and a series of approvals from other entities, the map will be returned to EFS Geo Technologies for finalization.

Zone 6 will be absorbed and occupied by one or more of the other five zones, depending on the proposal, and some of the current zones may be modified.

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