Pleasanton Divided in Final Redistribution Map Proposal for Alameda County Oversight Board | New

The new district map recommended for the Alameda County Oversight Board would divide Pleasanton between two watch districts instead of keeping the entire city in the same district as is currently the case. (Image courtesy of Alameda County)

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors will review on Tuesday the final county oversight redistribution map that will determine which communities and cities are represented by which elected supervisor.

Carried out every ten years to reflect updated census data, the redistribution process aims to ensure that each supervisor represents the same number of voters, but it can be controversial due to the challenges of ensuring equality of voters. access to county services in neighborhoods with different income levels and different racial and ethnic demographics.

According to the Alameda County Coalition for Fair Redistribution, the county has legal requirements to adhere to, including: Maintaining the district’s population balance with 5% discrepancies; do not separate minority populations in isolated neighborhoods; contiguity, without unreasonable division of electoral districts; maintain community of interest in a single area; and keep the city and designated census sites united.

According to the final map, released Friday night as part of the Board of Supervisors package, Oakland is divided into three districts, Districts 3, 4 and 5, and Fremont and Pleasanton are divided into two.

The Pleasanton boundary, which currently aligns with the city limits, has been redrawn on the south side of the city, moving part of District 4 to District 1, which includes Sunol and parts of Fremont.

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