Professor Yale’s Russian list sparks calls from CEOs

– Multinational corporations have taken extraordinary steps to express their disapproval of Putin’s war. They risk billions of dollars in lost income and hard assets, but money isn’t everything. CEOs need the approval of their peers,” said Yale professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld. Washington Post. Sonnenfeld isn’t the only one pushing for bold action, but his “naughty or nice list,” as the To post he says, most likely proved to be a catalyst in board discussions. Published on Yale’s website and updated regularly, the list shows exactly what actions companies are taking in Russia and how much they risk. And Sonnenfeld said it prompted phone calls from CEOs asking “why we didn’t have them on the right list and what they needed to do to clarify or take a stronger stance.”

Sonnenfeld has made such lists before on topics like gun safety, but never on an issue that 75% of Americans agree on: A Morning Consult poll in late February found that three out of four Americans supported companies cutting their trade ties with Russia. Those suspicious of the move often cite “jobs”, saying that ordinary Russians don’t deserve to suffer. Sonnenfeld’s response is direct, according to CNBC: “We’re not trying to figure out how to move the Russian economy forward…it’s up to the general population to feel enough distress that the economy fails and the government fails. ” As of Thursday, more than 330 companies pulled out, according to Sonnenfeld’s list.

Some companies take stronger positions than others, according to the list. Global automakers have suspended most if not all operations, as have IKEA, Nike, TikTok and dozens of other major brands. UPS, FedEx and DHL have halted all shipping (allowing eBay and others to do the same). In contrast, Disney and Paramount Studios “will suspend new content releases”, and Procter & Gamble “will suspend new investments and advertising”. Among the companies that remain in Russia with “significant exposure” to date, according to the list: Cargill, Citi, Dunkin Donuts, Marriott, Mondelez and Subway. (Read more stories by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld.)

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