Proposed mileage rate reduction still means a 10%+ increase for Bulloch Co.’s property taxes. • Georgia Virtue

The Bulloch County Board of Commissioners has proposed raising property taxes by just over 10%.

The proposed tax summary for 2022 was released on Wednesday afternoon after the Commission meeting on Tuesday evening. The total represents a 10% increase from 2021 and 7% more than the rate of decline.


The increase, however, is necessary, according to the commissioners who say the funding is needed to meet specific goals that include maintaining service levels in light of rising costs of goods and services.

“Most importantly, the fiscal year 2023 budget proposal provides urgently needed additional resources for law enforcement and the county jail, court support and other services to meet the needs of a growing population.”


According to the department:

The inflationary growth in re-appraised properties that has occurred over the past year is caused by three factors:

  1. properties such as apartments, offices and shops valued by net income earned in proportion to the value of their properties, which has increased faster than the rate of inflation – a common occurrence in a recovering economy;
  2. the increase in selling prices of real estate transactions; and,
  3. from distressed properties that are sold and appraised at the discounted sale price for the first year, and then reappraised at fair market value thereafter, through a mechanism of state law passed in 2010.

The additional ad valorem property tax generated represents approximately seven percent (7.06%) of the revenue growth. This level of increase is equal to or less than past and current measures of inflation.

According to state law, for Bulloch County to legally claim it’s not raising taxes for 2022, it would have to reduce the current mileage rate of 11,600 mils to a rollback rate of 10,602 mils. . Bulloch County will reduce the current general mileage rate from 11.60 to 11.35 mils. State law requires the tax increase notice to state that the 11.35 mileage rate would cost taxpayers whose home was worth $175,000 in 2022 an additional $51.76, based on their use of homestead exemption. It is more accurate to say that reducing the mileage would save owners those amounts rather than if the current mileage rate remained the same.

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The first public hearing on the increase will be Tuesday, August 9 at 6:00 p.m. at the Bulloch County Annex. All meetings are open to the public and Commissioners will receive public comments at that time.

The Board of Education announced last week that it also plans to raise taxes by more than 5%. Three hearings are also scheduled for the Board of Education, starting next week.

3 public hearings scheduled after BOE’s Bulloch announcement of tax hike

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