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In an interview last week on the Bryan Leher show, Democratic Caucus Chairman Congressman Hakeem Jeffries predicted exactly the redistricting bill that resulted from the court-mandated redistricting process. 2018, 21 elected.

Using a “special master” appointed to be “judicial overseers,” two terms the congressman has trouble with, was a flawed process, he said, and it was “without the contribution from lower state voters of color”.

“The special master should reflect communities of interest and this one, Patrick McAllister in Far West Bath, NY in New York, did not.

In a letter to Judge McAllister, Congressman Jeffries pointed to the most glaring impediment to “community of interest” participation, the only public hearing for comment.

“The order of the Court of Appeal appointing you as the sole judicial administrator of a redistricting office

process affecting 20 million New Yorkers stressed that the Supreme Court must include “any

stakeholders who wish to be heard. In your April 28 decision, you state that anyone wishing to participate must attend a hearing on May 6, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. in person at the Steuben County Courthouse in Bath, New York. According to the Court, if any of my many constituents in Brooklyn or Queens wished to appear in person to express their views on the redistricting dispute, their only option to do so would be to venture into Steuben County. , in New York, in a single working day. this week.

The Steuben County Courthouse is not easily accessible by public transportation. There’s no

airport in or around Steuben County. Amtrak does not serve the village of Bath. It’s apparently a nearly ten hour bus ride from New York to your location, requiring someone in Brooklyn to leave in the middle of the night, take the subway to Port Authority and leave at 1:30 a.m., only to arrive late for the hearing you have scheduled. As you probably know, most residents of New The City of York is car-free and uses public transport to get to work, school and places of worship.

Even if someone could afford the cost of a rental car – a burden that should not be imposed on anyone seeking to participate in the democratic process – it would take a five-hour drive to Steuben County Courthouse.

Below is the congressman’s reaction to the Special Master’s decision that was just released.


BROOKLYN, NY- Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (NY-08) released the following statement regarding draft Congressional District maps released by Jonathan Cervas, the special master chosen by Judge Patrick McAllister to redraw the maps created by a majority vote qualified for the state legislature.

“The draft map released by a Steuben County Comptroller and an unelected, out-of-town special master, both of whom happen to be white men, is part of a vicious nationwide scheme targeting districts represented by members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

The Court blatantly ignores the full testimony of Brooklyn residents, civic leaders and stakeholders who have made it clear that the communities of interest that currently constitute the 8th and 9th congressional districts should be held together, as was the cases in maps submitted by good government groups like Common Involved, civil rights groups like the Unity Coalition, and even the Independent Redistricting Commission.

This draft map dilutes the black population in the 8th and 9th congressional districts in a way that is completely inconsistent with the constitutional mandate that communities of color be positioned to elect the candidate of their choice. The Court, shockingly, uses a sledgehammer to smash the predominantly black and historic neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant, once portrayed by the legendary Shirley Chisholm. The heritage district of Chisholm was established in 1968 pursuant to the Voting Rights Act 1965, with the Bedford Stuyvesant ward at its heart. Apparently, the Steuben County court doesn’t know or care about this story, despite voluminous public testimony.

After the 2020 election, voters in New York State sent seven black members to the House of Representatives, an all-time high. Since then, right-wing activists, like the Republican expert who clearly influenced the Court in this case, have been trying to thwart this incredible achievement of black representation.

Apparently, Republican operatives and conservative activists have found a sympathetic following following the broken process established by the New York Court of Appeals. The map project attracts four black members of Congress to the same district, a tactic that would make Jim Crow blush.

The Steuben County right-wing court issued an unacceptable, impermissible and unconstitutional map.

The Court of Appeals unnecessarily stripped the ability of the elected representatives of the New York State Legislature to remedy any defect it claimed existed. Instead, a faulty process was put in place which has now led to the wrong result. Shame on everyone involved who got us to this point.”

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