Santa Maria City Council votes on redistricting map for future elections

SANTA MARIA, Calif. — The Santa Maria City Council decided Tuesday night to adopt “Minimal Change Plan Map B,” one of six proposed district maps for the city’s future district elections.

The six maps, two of which were received by community members, were discussed at Tuesday’s public hearing.

Santa Maria’s Third and Fourth Districts for City Council went into effect in December 2018, and based on information from the 2020 census, the city is required to adopt new district boundaries for future elections.

Santa Maria said the city must ensure compliance with criteria provided by the state and the federal government:

  • Each district will contain a roughly equal population.
  • Each district must be drawn in a manner consistent with federal voting rights law.
  • Each district shall not be drawn with race as the predominant factor in violation of principles established by the United States Supreme Court in Shaw vs. Reno509 US 630 (1993), and its issue.

“Map of Minimal Change Plan B,” the map adopted by Santa Maria City Council at Tuesday’s meeting, was item A.2 at first reading, according to Santa Maria spokesman Mark van de Kamp. .

This meeting was the fourth in a series of hearings required by the Fair Maps Act to continue the public engagement process by receiving community feedback.

A second reading and passage of the ordinance is set for April 5, and the deadline for passing district maps is April 17.

For more information on Santa Maria City Redistricting Maps and Policies, click here.

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