SF Redistricting Task Force Rejects Final Draft Map, Missing Deadline, Risk of Legal Challenge

During Wednesday’s lengthy public comment period, Karen Pierce, who identified as a San Franciscan native, urged the task force to reject the map before them.

“We have a story now that the current District 10 provides an opportunity for the voice of the black community to be heard in this city,” she said. “By changing that, it doesn’t matter who or what ethnic group is put here to dilute their voice. Ultimately, our voice is diluted.”

The tense map-drawing process lasted for months, but came to a head at the meeting the previous Saturday when task force members Pierce, Gil, Raynell Cooper and Jeremy Lee walked out in protest at 2 a.m. morning, saying the process was too rushed and inevitably. would deprive underserved communities of the city.

But task force member Chasel Lee, who voted Wednesday to approve the map, pushed back on that idea.

“I would humbly say that the map didn’t promote divisions. Divisions have always been there. They’ve always existed. And maybe that’s because we didn’t know about them or we chose not to. see,” he said Wednesday. Meet.

Townsend, the task force chair, on Wednesday asked his fellow board members to push themselves a little further, despite the sometimes grueling length of meetings.

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