Stroke care arrives in Montana; population growth forces health systems to improvise | State and regional

“[Specialists] are saturated in urban areas, not in rural areas… it becomes more efficient to provide specialist care here, ”Shah said.

The model ensures 24/7 accessibility to stroke care, making it the state’s first full-time stroke center. The Billings Clinic plans to offer 24/7 coverage by February 1, 2022.

The team will work closely with the entire neurology floor as well as with other staff such as paramedics and emergency room personnel so that all workers feel they are doing it. part of the team, Shah said.

“If we are able to accomplish what we are trying to see, based on a market analysis, we would expect to benefit 150 patients per year who would not have received treatment. [close to home]”Shah said.

St. V’s has brought technology-focused expertise to stents for stroke patients, including removable stents that remove stroke-causing clots.

“Now there is important technology to improve recovery… the best result is faster treatment and accessibility to care,” Shah said.


Since the program began on October 18, 2021, St. V’s has treated approximately 10 patients. Five or six of them were reportedly airlifted before the program.

Patients have come from eastern Montana, which has historically struggled with lack of services, and southwestern Montana. Ultimately, the team expects to see patients from Wyoming and North and South Dakota, according to Dustin Strandell, senior director of service lines at St. V’s.

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