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The vine of love

“There is no one size fits all,” says Mr. Didier Trebucq, United Nations Resident Coordinator for B’dos and the Eastern Caribbean, at the end of a large study funded by USAID and commissioned by the UNESCO. This is a truly illuminating study conducted by the Caribbean Development Research Services Inc. (CADRES), in which 5,000 people across six Southern Caribbean countries: B’dos, Windwards Islands and T’n’T , were questioned as the answers were provided. wanted to the vexing hesitation of Vax-seen in the area. In root-see-call parlance, “Why do Vax-seen people nah teking.” Interestingly, SVG has the most hesitant population seen in Vax among six countries. Ah, EXECUTIVES will know that SVG also has the highest number of non-vaxed frontline wukers employed by Go-venom-mint, and SVG is also the only country among the six to enforce the ‘No Jab, No Job’ Man-dat – terror-I-say-shun Vax-een foh wukers Frontline.

According to the report, typical unvaccinated people are under the age of 30, have no formal wuk, and have no high school education. Report also that men avoid people believing de vax-seen was developed too quickly, (Lie-ZA says it is still developing) and people are not sure what is in of vax-seen; Half of respondents want more medical and scientific information; (isn’t the information ain’t dey, it’s all because Pull-it-tek-ill Die-wreck-trait wants to hog the show). Forty (40)% want to know the effects and side effects of the jab, things like sex life and fate of the unborn child. The report suggests that hesitation is real, and different countries have different hesitation factors seen by Vax and we need to respond accordingly. In SVG, the ULP’s response was to pass the mandatory law for frontline wukers, No Jab No Job!

Regardless, the UN representative urged all Hell’t Ministries and other stakeholders working to combat the vax-vu hesitation phenomenon, to take data seriously in the study. But we all know what will happen to this report.


Lie-Za wants me to explain what happened at Par-liar-mint during the last Rail-road Budget. Even after Go-venom-mint established its own COVID-19 protocols for the House sitting, requiring regular COVID-19 testing for members of the Un-Vaxxed Awe position, who will be quarantined on one side of the House, wearing a double Mas, and will speak from behind a licking glass cage, “Lottery Booth,” said Hon. Fitz Bramble. The final verbal instruction was, “They must not shower anyone with spit without hatred of sin.” On the other hand, Vax-Sin-hared members on the Go-venom-mint side will not necessarily be required to show test results, will sit in the open wearing a unique Mas. Excellent plans to keep from Awe-Position out ah Par-liar-mint.

But Lo and Behold, after all safety measures, the last Choose-dey when meeting House, Five COVID-19 “FAIRY-AUNTS” riding ah Rush-On “SPUT-NICK, looking for Vengeance Awe’s “ALL-FAH” -Position members, who were initially “DEALT-AH” in the wrong hand, suddenly started “BEAT-AH” Song and Dance which resurrected GRAMMA culture upon Pitt Bull’s demise Ah told Lie-Za that I believe the COVID-19 fairy-aunts are either Buy-us or belong to the NDP She begged to differ saying she believes Doctor Fry-dey and his members of the NPD have some kind of ah Obeah fee de lord, dey tek way de Come-red wuk!
And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

A bassy love

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.

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