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Courtesy of the City of Provo

New map of Provo electoral districts for the next decade.

After a month of debate and the process of elimination, the Provo City Council determined the map of electoral districts to be used for the next decade. This map is now ready for public viewing.

“It was a big decision that came out of the council meeting on March 29,” said council spokeswoman Karen Tapahe. “After the completion of the 2020 U.S. Census, the State of Utah directed the Provo City Council to make adjustments to council districts to meet requirements based on updated data.”

After reviewing 120 cards submitted by the public, councilors discussed the proposed cards and selected 11 to place on Open City Hall for public comment. OCH allowed the public to prioritize and comment on the criteria discussed by the board and give feedback on the cards, according to Tapahe.

“The task of creating potential maps was particularly difficult because constituencies are created based on voter registration figures and council districts had to group constituencies together in a way to balance population figures,” Tapahe said. . “The creation of maps that meet several objectives (preservation of a central district, creation of a western district, maintenance of the southeastern districts in the same district, treatment of areas with a large student population, etc.) on the same map resulted in maps that did not balance the needs of the population”.

OCH’s public comments were provided to the Board for the March 29 meeting. Advisors had also received feedback through emails, phone calls and one-on-one meetings with residents. During the working meeting, the list of proposed cards was reduced to three. A prioritization voting exercise was carried out with the three cards to provide additional insight for the final discussion at that evening’s meeting.

The map chosen is effective for any election or midterm vacancy occurring after December 31, 2022. Council districts remain in their current configuration until January 1, 2023. Although district designations are used to elect councilors from specific areas, each elected councilor serves all Provo residents.

It should be noted that for members who may have moved from their current district, they still represent Provo residents until the 2023 election solidifies the change. The only current councilor who no longer lives in the district where she was elected is Shannon Ellsworth. She was elected in District 3, but the boundaries will change in 2023 and she will live in District 2.

Residents who wish to view the new map can visit


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