Unemployment is worst in these 8 New York counties [List]

Job opportunities have certainly rebounded from the first year of the pandemic, but there are still counties in New York City that are struggling with employment. The statewide unemployment rate is 5.5 percent, while the rate in the United States is 3.9 percent. The counties in New York City with the lowest unemployment rate are Saratoga County and Yates County, which are tied with a rate of 2.80%. The 8 counties below have the worst unemployment rates in NYS in November 2021.

7. (Tie) Hamilton County – 4.50%

7. (Tie) Herkimer County – 4.50%

6. Montgomery County – 4.60%

5. New York County – 6.10%

4. Richmond County – 7.20%

3. Queens County – 7.70%

2. Kings County – 8.20%

1. Bronx County – 11.20%

If you are among New York State’s unemployed, the Department of Labor has many resources.

– Apply for unemployment benefits here.
– Obtain employment resources for people with disabilities here.
– You can search for jobs here.
– There is even tips to help you create an effective CV and cover letter.
– You can view career development opportunities here.
– Find out more about the training offers for job seekers here.

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