Unemployment rate climbs to 3.78%

  • By Crystal Hsu / Staff Reporter

Last month, the jobless rate edged up 0.04 percentage points to 3.78%, the highest in nine months, and is expected to rise further this month due to graduation season, it said. yesterday the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS).

The lagging economic indicator after seasonal adjustments came in at 3.68%, down 0.04 percentage points from the previous month, and returned to the state before the start of the latest COVID outbreak. -19, he said.

“The increase in first-time job seekers explains the increase in [last month’s] unemployment rate and will remain an unfavorable factor this month,” said DGBAS Census Department Deputy Director Chen Hui-hsin (陳惠欣).

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Unemployment figures have tended to rise by 0.05 to 0.07 percentage points between July and August in the past, and this year should be no exception, she said.

However, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate indicates that the labor market has recovered from the COVID-19 outbreak after the government eased disease prevention measures, she said.

The total number of jobless people rose by 6,000 to 448,000, with first-time job seekers contributing 8,000, according to the DGBAS report, although the number who quit fell by 3,000 .

The number of people working less than 35 hours a week stood at 274,000, down 19,000 from the previous month and 663,000 from the previous year, he said, as the negative impact of the epidemic was fading more and more.

However, graduation season and an economic downturn pose bigger threats, he added.

The unemployment rate among college graduates topped the education breakdown at 5.48%, followed by high school graduates at 3.42%, graduate degree holders at 2.8% and of undergraduate graduates at 2.7%.

Those aged 20-24 made up the largest unemployed population at 12.68%, followed by the age group 15-19 at 9.16%, 25-29 at 6.24% and of the 30 to 34 age group to 3.71%. percent, he said.

The unemployment spell last month averaged 20.4 weeks, stable from the previous month, he said, adding that it was much shorter among first-time job seekers in 16.9 weeks.

The number of people unemployed for more than a year stands at 53,000, down 3,000 from June, he said.

Taiwan’s unemployment rate is lower than Hong Kong’s 4.5%, but higher than South Korea’s 2.9% and Japan’s 2.7%, he added.

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