‘What’s On Your Bucket List’ returns to KEET – Times-Standard

PBS KEET has announced that there will be a second season of its popular show, “What’s On Your Bucket List?”

Once again hosted by Tracey Barnes-Priestley, the weekly program makes dreams come true for residents over 60 right here in Humboldt County.

Barnes-Priestley said: “We live in such a beautiful and rich area. There are so many fascinating things to do and see in our own backyard. People who live here often take it for granted. The first season of our show touched so many people that we decided it was time to start over.

Barnes-Priestley said there were only two requirements to participate: “People must be over 60 and they must be ready to have fun,” she said.

This show is specially designed for baby boomers and seniors to try something they’ve always been interested in, whether it’s exploring a new place, learning a new skill, or getting excited. tackle an activity that has always seemed out of reach.

For example, in the first season, participants traveled across the county exploring their bucket lists. One woman kayaked for the first time at Big Lagoon, another was excited to take a blacksmithing lesson at Blue Ox Mill Works, while a retired Arcata town worker had always wanted to try her hand training for the local Special Olympics team. There was also a baking lesson for a couple at Ramone’s Bakery and Café and another woman had always dreamed of throwing the first pitch at a Crabs baseball game. (To see Season 1, go to keet.org.)

Barnes-Priestley, a semi-retired life coach specializing in aging issues and former weekly columnist for The Times-Standard, said, “Older people really benefit from physical, mental and psychological stretching. Staying connected to the community is also valuable. The pandemic has forced us to cut back so much on what we love. I know, I just turned 70. I think it’s especially important to give this population the opportunity to go out and have fun.

Katrina Martin achieves one of her dreams in the first season of “What’s On Your Bucket List?” She is pictured learning blacksmithing skills at Blue Ox in Eureka. (Submitted)

COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place during filming.

“Naturally we have to make some changes,” Barnes-Priestley said. “All participants and crew will be required to show proof of vaccinations and boosters. Masks, social distancing and other safety measures will all be in place.”

Barnes-Priestley added, “Of all the things I’ve done in my professional life, creating this show and being a part of it is truly a highlight of my career. Seeing people come to life when they first encounter something they’ve only dreamed of is truly special. It was great fun to share all these experiences. And now, with season 2, I can start all over again.

The application process is simple. Go to keet.org and fill out an application. (All information will be kept confidential.) If you have any problems with the online application process, call KEET at 707-445-0813 and an application will be mailed to you. The application deadline is March 15.

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